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TPS Forums Are Active - Q&A and Why

Posted by Administrator 
TPS Forums Are Active - Q&A and Why
January 09, 2016 06:14PM
Please read the "AFTER You Register" post.

This new forum application went live on Sunday, January 10, 2016. We are currently migrating to this new application and it will take some time to build up a body of posts. Our old lists were fairly lively and productive. It was decided that we would open up our forums to other professional associations, as we did with Boiled Frog Parts. Membership in The ProSquad was not a requirement.

Please forgive us in advance for any technical issues, as there may be some tweaking to do.

1. Why change? The lists for our large and many groups ran on software originally developed in the 1980's called MailMan.
For our purposes it was end-of-life and there was little development for anything other than it's core Unix and Python language.

Many of our members wanted searchable tech support lists. We resisted this as there were a couple of really fine forums out there already, such as Tech Assist and TVTechData and others. However, the members run this group and there you go.

The server was also getting old and a little cranky so it had to be replaced completely. At that time we decided to move to the forums type of discussion lists. The fact that it is also searchable, allows for decent tech support forums. We did this with discussions with others who host this type of product. Planning and implementation took about a year.

2. Can we import the years of post archives into this new forum? No, unfortunately. MailMan was not a database with tables as such. Whereas this forum does use a database.

3. How do we preserve the tech support and business posts that were made? I don't know, other than reposting them on this new forum. Those of you who have any ideas, please post them to the Suggestions forum. We are wide open for ideas.

As we created an Al's List in his honor, we are thinking of putting up a Doug Miner's List and basically reposting all of his to this list. I know many of you have privately archived his posts. He was a brilliant technician and thoughtful friend to all of us.

Kurt Dodgers
Executive Director
Forum Admin

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